The northeast side Sudan faces the southern Red Sea. The coastline and the coral reefs here are fascinating.  Many areas are still untouched, and rarely visited making Sudan a very surprising and mysterious scuba destinations.


Schools of hammerhead sharks

ConShelf II - the 1963 underwater village experiment of Jacques Cousteau

With less than 1,000 divers per year this is an ideal destination



Winter average of  24°C / 75°F 

Summer average of 37°C / 98°F


Flights from LONDON

11 hours


GMT + 3 hours


Tourist visa is required before departure and residence tax is required upon arrival.


Arabic with English


Sudanese Pound (SDG)

Diving in Sudan

These beautiful waters still being explored and are ideal for those who are looking for adventure and close encounters with big pelagics including hammerhead sharks, grey sharks, and manta rays.  You'll also find barracudas, jack fish, and turtles in the area. Dive sites like Sanganeb, Sha’abSuedi, Angarosh and Sha’ab Rumi with the famous wreck of the Continental Shelf Station Two or ConShelf II, will leave you with unforgettable memories.


The wreck of Umbria on Wingate Reef has become one of the most requested destinations of divers who come to Sudan, and one of the most famous wrecks in the world.  Its history is bloodless, even if the sinking dates back to the war, to be exact just a few hours before the fateful midnight of June 9, 1940, with the entry of Italy to the War.

If we had to pick just one dive site, it would probably be the south point of Sha’ab Rumi.  The reef is 25 miles from Port Sudan in a well-protected lagoon accessible through a channel.  The south point is unique for its platform, which extends to the open sea, almost like a springboard. During the dive you can expect huge schools of barracudas along with some of the smaller reef sharks, like white tip sharks, grey reef sharks.  And be on the lookout for the scalloped hammerhead sharks.  While they normally stay in the deeper waters at the border of the platform, they can be spotted going out into the open sea when the current is calm.

Immediately outside the channel the remains of the Continental Shelf Station II created by Jacques Cousteau in 1963.   ConShelf II was an attempt at creating an environment in which men could live and work on the sea floor. This dive is an amazing experience, full of history and memories of an experiment done over sixty years ago.

Angarosh, the ‘Mother of Sharks’ in Arabic language, is one of the most famous dive sites in the world for big encounters: grey reef sharks and silver tip sharks , ocean whitetip shark and schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks swim up from the blue. The pinnacle of Angarosh, situated close to Abington and Merlo Reef, drops 800 metres in the blue and can experience strong currents.

Deep Thought

Access to Sudan's coastal waters

is difficult due to regulations

but we're to help.  Fewer divers means the reefs are

uncrowded and pristine.



Winter average of 21°C / 70°F 

Summer average of 30°C / 86°F


15 to 170m / 50 to 230ft avg

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