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Where to Go Diving in Mexico


The diving around the Baja Peninsula gives you the opportunity to dive, snorkel, swim and interact with some of the oceans most amazing creatures.  Imagine a trip with seals, whale sharks, bull sharks, sardines and marlin, rays and orcas, or the gentle grey whale!  Read more

The island is covered with lush vegetation and the clear waters and the stunning coral reefs surrounding Cozumel make it one of the Mexico’s best dive destinations.  

Read more

The apex predator, the Great White Shark, is on every divers 'bucket-list', and there is only one place to guarantee diving with these awesome animals.  Read more

Giant Pacific Mantas, with wing spans of up to 9 metres, shivers of sharks - 10 or more species, pods of dolphins, whale sharks, and even humpback whales.  Read more

Liveaboards in Mexico allow divers to explore the more remote areas and some of the most amazing diving sites Mexico has to offer.  Read more

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