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Mexico has everything you could wish for!!  Here you'll find beautiful lagoons, reefs full to the brim with schooling fish, great currents for drifting, an underwater sculpture park, and don't forget the giants of the sea - Great Whites and Giant Mantas!  


A huge variety of choices across both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Great resort diving with plentiful marine life and healthy reefs - turtles galore!

The Cenotes - you cannot miss out on these!


Cancun Mexico
Cancun Mexico
Cozumel Mexico
Socorro Islands
Guadalupe Island
Yucatan Peninsula
Yucatan Peninsula
Yucatan Peninsula
Socorro Islands
Socorro Islands
Guadalupe Island


Winter average of 18°C / 65°F 

Summer average of 32° C / 90°F


Rainy season May to October 


Flights from LONDON

10 hours


GMT - 5 hours


No Visa required




Mexican Peso

Diving in Mexico

The diving in Cancun itself is very good – very very good! In truth, there is more than enough to keep a serious diver occupied for a week, and if you are planning a longer stay, we would recommend strongly a second centre to add in more variety.  The world’s largest underwater sculpture park, La Musa has over 400 hand crafted sculptures resting on the sea bed at no more than 12m depth.  You'll find a VW Beetle, crowds of people, office scenes and more – it is stunning, and well worth dunking in to see!


Moving further up the coast, Playa Del Carmen offers great reef diving too, and the real draw here are bull sharks in the winter months who come here to breed. Whale sharks in large numbers in the spring and early summer, whales, dolphins, and plenty of other shark action – and this is before we go underground!   The Cenotes stretch for over 400 miles and this fascinating net- work of caves and caverns is undoubtedly the best such in the world. Buoyancy skills are very important, but no formal cave diving certification is required, and you really must not miss out on diving here. With grottoes and chambers as big as a football stadium, this is a true spectacle. 

Cozumel is another popular diving destination and with the channel between the mainland and the island comes current. Not ripping currents, but certainly good enough to get a good drift going, and with current comes food for the reefs, and the big stuff we all crave to see.  The colours of the corals are simply stunning – the brightest purples, reds, oranges and blues, and covering every reef is the abundant marine life. Turtles are daily sightings, eagle rays flying along gracefully, and every nook and cranny in the reef will have a resident critter to peer at! Guitar sharks on the sand, giant hermit crabs and schooling fish everywhere – this is one of our favourite places to dive!

And we have to mention the diving accessible only by boat - Socorro and Guadalupe.  Socorro Islands, one of the hottest destinations on the dive planet delivers, and in bucket loads!  Giant Pacific Mantas, with wing spans of up to 9 metres, shivers of sharks - 10 or more species, pods of very interactive dolphins, whale sharks, and even humpback whales - all form the luxury of beautiful live aboard vessels. The apex predator, the Great White Shark, is on every divers 'bucket-list', and there is only one place to guarantee diving with these awesome animals - Guadalupe Island, off the Pacific coast of southern California and the Baja Peninsula.

Deep Thought

Every animal on anyone's bucket list can be found on the Pacific side of Mexico, and the warm clear waters on the Caribbean side deliver probably one of the best places for a resort-based diving holiday. Whichever you choose, you won't regret it!

-- John    



Winter average of 26°C / 78°F 

Summer average of 28° C / 83°F

12 to 27m / 40 to 90ft avg


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