Where to Go Diving in Asia

While the picture-perfect, sun-kissed shores, clear blue skies and virtually deserted beaches of the Maldives and the astounding beauty and striking seascapes of Southeast Asia will leave you lost for words.

The absolute epicentre of diversity on the planet.  There is more marine life found here than any where else.  Over 3,000 fish species and 600 species of coral, steep walls, deep water trenches, and underwater volcanic mountains.

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The Maldives have some outstandingly beautiful coral reefs, but its the abundance and colourfulness of marine life that can be found throughout the atolls that sets these islands apart from other diving destinations in the world.

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With over 7,000 islands and a magnificent coastline, the Philippines deserves to be called the Diving Capital of Asia.  Spectacular drop-offs, deep dives, caves, wrecks, and a richly varied marine life await the visitor.  Read more

Scuba diving is Thailand’s most popular water sport and the country’s coast and islands have some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. The water is clear, with plentiful marine life.  Read more


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