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Triton Bay Divers

Triton Bay Divers has only eight bungalows, 6 on the seafront and 2 with garden views.  The resort is conscious of their environmental footprint and have built the resort using natural local materials which blend in with the tropical surroundings.  They use local craftsmen and traditional techniques while still allowing for a modern touch.



6 bungalows with sea views

1 Restaurant


Triton Bay Divers

Each room is equipped with a large ceiling fan and designed with “natural” air conditioning in mind.  There is a desk with extra (220v) power sockets, allowing you to download and view your photos whilst charging your camera in preparation for your next day of diving. 

Enjoy three delicious meals plus a local snack in the afternoon every day in our spacious open air dining room, which is designed to make you feel at one with nature.  Eat, chat and hangout with new friends or simply relax between dives watching the waves lapping on the beach.  There is free coffee, tea and water available all day.  Soft drinks and beer are also available at the bar and will be billed to your room.  If you prefer something a little stronger we recommend you bring in duty free as most alcohol and spirits are not permitted in this part of Papua.


Finally, the Dive Center is located at the far end of the beach and inside you will find your own personal storage area where your dive equipment will be kept during your stay.  Three guided boat dives per day, usually two in the morning and one in the afternoon, with the option of an additional sunset or night dive. 


The Dive Team will take care of your equipment and clean it for you at the end of each day and before you leave us. There are also rinse tanks for your camera equipment as well as showers for you to rinse off between dives.

Best of all???  Dives aren't limited to 60 minutes as Triton Bay Divers know that just isn't long enough!!!

 - John


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