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The Ultimate Dive Holiday Packing List

We’re confident we’ll be back in the water again soon! Many of us have become pros at the tonsil and nasal swabs and can handle a PCR test without fear. We just can't wait!

Now just imagine, it’s the night before your first dive trip… You’re probably one of two types of people :

One : You packed weeks ago because you were so excited (or your trip got cancelled and you still haven’t unpacked – damn COVID-19) or,

Two : You’ve had all the time in the world, you’ve not pulled your suitcase out of the loft, and you can’t remember what to pack!!!

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that at The Scuba Place, we have both of those kinds of people! So, to help we decided to make a ‘don’t forget me list’ for you to use when you’re frantically packing two hours before you have to leave to the airport, or for those who packed way in advance but are still convinced they’ve forgotten something. How many times have you arrived at your holiday destination and have a moment of panic because you’ve forgotten something essential for your trip?!?! Yep, same here!

Take a look at our standard diving trip list, which we’ve organised into sections to make sure we don’t forget anything. Hopefully you find this list useful enough that you won’t have that moment of panic when you’re halfway around the world.

Travel in peace knowing you haven’t forgotten those essential items. Well, not all of them anyway! Happy Diving everyone!

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