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Grenada Day by Day - The Day Before

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Ahhhh today is the day!! Time to finalise packing (or if you’re John, start packing), get the car loaded and jet off to the airport hotel. Well, that’s what was supposed to happen anyway. A trip is never a trip without a hint of drama, right? Well how about heavy handful of it! It came our way thick and fast today.

It was about 12pm when disaster struck, British Airways 'regrettably' informed us that the airport in Grenada had downgraded its fire safety regulations. Minor stuff! We wish… This meant that the aircraft we were due to fly from Gatwick to St. Lucia to Grenada would not be flying. Yay!! With phone calls, texts and emails bombarding John’s phone, it was time to get busy.

There were multiple options to hand, some more feasible than others. However, these solutions were just mere ideas that hadn’t been flushed out as the Caribbean wasn’t even awake. All the team could do was sit and wait for an hour before calls could be made. Once we were through, we found some alternatives wouldn't work due to COVID-19 regulations in different countries (can COVID just leave us alone now?). We had an option to fly via Barbados to Grenada assuming that the entire group get ANOTHER COVID test within 72 hours of touching down in Barbados. Not only did that mean all of our tests – or for Rob, his three tests – would be invalid, we would have to pay a hefty sum to get an emergency test that would ensure results within such a short time schedule. Not to forget the added cost of the flight from Barbados to Grenada. Other options were to find another way around this, postpone the trip, or cancel it all together. Now when we tell you there was stress on our shoulders, multiply it by 100!

The team left John to keep making phone calls and see what magic he could put together. With the rest of the team unsure whether to continue packing or not, or to just start crying, everyone on the trip were waiting patiently for answers. May I say, we were truly overwhelmed with the support received by the group – what a great bunch.

Fast forward to 6pm, we were desperately trying to find alternatives so we could get this trip out tomorrow. After the year everyone has had, we refused to let anything stop us, it’s not even covid’s fault this time! Unaware to the news of the BA flight being cancelled early enough, two members of the group Rob & Susie, were already on the way to the airport hotel. After hearing about the disaster unfurling, they deciding to pop in to see us and give some more moral support – you guys are the best!

Options were slowly coming together, and it looked like we would still fly to St. Lucia and from there, get a chartered plane to Grenada, and without another test. This was at an extra cost but this option looked like magic. We consulted the group and pretty much everyone was in. WE’RE GOING!!!

So, time to get organised. John on the phone again sorting out the chartered flight, Mona and Chloe making a list of what needed to be done, and the group flooding our phones with support and praise – we really do love you guys!

It was about 10:30pm when we finally left for the hotel. The drama doesn’t stop there though. Somehow just about every single junction we tried to get onto the M4 from was shut. So, an hour and 20-minute journey quickly turned into 2 hours.

By the time we got to the hotel, checked in and got to our rooms, it was about 12:30am. It’s now 1am and we have to be up at 6am. In the middle of the night, I’m sat here writing this filled with relief, an overwhelming sense of pride from what John and the team have achieved, and tiredness. I’m tired, it’s time for bed. I’ll see you in Grenada. We’re actually going to Grenada!! Yes! Finally!

Stay tuned for more Come Dive with Us adventures right here on our blog!

For more information on Grenada click here.

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