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Grenada Day by Day : The Adventure Continues

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

To be diving again is a real treat!! Especially when you’re travelling during a global pandemic!!

We did a lot of work ahead of arrival to ensure we met all the travel requirements for both the UK and Grenada. A negative COVID test result was needed within 7 days prior to arrival in Grenada and a follow up test required in resort on day 4. Coordinating with the resort and the Ministry of Health in Grenada, we were able to “quarantine” as a group in a designated area of the hotel but with access to a pool complete with pop up bar every evening and a separate dining area. It made for an ideal situation as we waited for the results of the second test.

During the first few days of diving, we might have been a bit tired, but oh so happy! After our third dive of the day, we make our way to the Quarantine Pool to relax and share stories. The pool bar keeps the drinks flowing, which may have contributed to Matt going face first down the kiddie slide into the pool!! We have no fun at all people! We had our follow up COVID test and just 24 hours later, we all received a negative result and were granted access to the entire resort!

Ryby, PADI Course Director and owner of Blue Ocean Diving in Maidstone is with us and teaching a number of courses…. Chloe, her Advanced Open Water, NITROX and Deep Speciality. Millie, also doing her Deep Speciality; Mona, her Rescue Diver; and David, TEC40, 50 and 60. He’s a busy man, but they all consider themselves lucky to have such an amazing instructor!

Diving highlights over the past few days include the Shake’M wreck, Bass Reef and Glover’s Reef. The Shake’M, a freighter that sunk in 2001 when its cargo of cement bags shifted during a storm. The wreck is mostly intact and sits upright at around 30m. The wreck has quickly become home to a vast array of coral and marine life. Some great wide angle photography opportunities of the wreck, along with schools of glassfish, barracuda, fireworms, arrow crabs and lizard fish.

Bass Reef, an easy and beautiful dive provided our first of many turtles, nurse shark and huge southern stingrays. Glover’s Reef really gave us the goods! A ripping current and yet we saw three hawksbill turtles, two large nurse sharks, plenty of impressively sized lobsters and the biggest stingray we’ve ever seen!

We are ending our days here are True Blue Bay, watching the sun set and the gorgeous sailing catamarans drift past to the marina. Not to mention some amazing live music!!! And tonight, we celebrate Chloe completing her Advanced Open Water certification today!

If you read our previous blog – shame on you if you haven’t – you know what time it is!!! Drum roll please… The Scuba Place Sundowner Cocktail of the Day!! *The crowd goes wild* The Vodka Ting.

This simple drink is not to be underestimated!!! It may only be two ingredients. It may only be a fancy version of lemonade mixed with vodka. But, oh my, it is delicious and somewhat addictive!! Our favourite mixologist at the pool bar, Edge, made it with a serious kick! Simple, yet tasty.A well deserved 8.5/10.


· Vodka

· Ting (a Caribbean sparkling grapefruit drink – can be found it online at both Asda and Tesco!!!)

Images courtesy of Justin Ormand, Rob Andrews and our own Chloe Spencer-Ades


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