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Grenada Day by Day : More Diving and Bloody Airlines

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The days are coming at us quickly, hard to believe we’re almost a week into our holiday! We have experienced some great diving already and the Marine Park is full of dive sites, each new one discovered has been better than the last! One must-do dive is the Molinere Bay Underwater Sculpture Park.

This was the first of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater gardens. Installed in 2006 the sculptures have provided an opportunity for marine life to thrive. The sculptures sit in depths of 5 to 8 metres with many in between rocky formations making the dive a maze of treasures! And just outside the sculpture park was a small sailing yacht wreck, the 'Buccaneer', which gave our underwater photographers the opportunity for some great shots! A pair of grey angels, barracuda and even a massive green moray eel hiding in the stern!

But no trip in 2020 could go off without a hitch could it? While waiting by the pool for our follow up COVID test results, an email from British Airways arrived cancelling the flight from Grenada to St. Lucia for our divers travelling back in 2 days time! Give us a break BA! Luckily, we have just the man to save us. Without any hesitation or panic, John got straight to work to find other suitable options for travelling home. The group, as faithful as ever, let their families know they may be staying an extra night or two depending on flights. In secret, we don’t think many of them were too disappointed by this option. Nevertheless, John got back to us with viable options to fly home that suited everyone’s needs. You are a legend JSA!

Crisis averted; the diving continues!! Kansas Reef gave us more turtles and gave Chloe and Millie their Deep Diver certification with a 40m dive. Congrats guys and thanks again to Ryby! And the wreck we’ve all been anticipating – The Bianca C.

Known as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ the 180m cruise ship sank in 1961 due to an explosion in the boiler room while anchored just outside St. Georges. Our Aquanauts dive guide Paul shared how local boats responded en masse to rescue those on board. True to the culture of friendliness and generosity of Grenada those rescued were welcomed into guesthouses and private homes. Sitting upright at 50m, we took the line down to the top deck, where the dive begins at the ships swimming pool. Time for a quick dip anyone? The wreck is located between the deep blue and the reef, so we kept our eyes peeled for any pelagic life while making our way toward the foremast. Almost 60 years underwater the ship has become a coral reef of its own! This is a dive not to be missed!

Ah, I suppose you know what comes next. It’s the Scuba Place Sundowner Cocktail of the Day! Today’s entry is what we like to call, a grown-up slushie. The Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, a sweet, delicate beverage made for those who aren’t afraid to show some class. It’s not the ‘girlie’ drink that some might think! Only real men drink Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris, don’t they Rob? A group favourite – particularly to Chloe – this is exactly what you need in the scorching heat. It’s only let down? The inability to give Chloe brain freeze. For this, it rates in at 8/10.

Blend together :

· Frozen strawberries

· White rum

· Lime juice

· Sugar syrup

· Ice

Or try Mona’s invention – the Mango Vodka Slushie! Substitute frozen mango for the strawberries and vodka for the rum! Our Come Dive with Us Maldives friends might recognise this as the Sand Bar Mango-tini at Palm Beach Island Resort!

Thanks for reading and don't worry... there's still more to come!!

Come Dive with Us!

images courtesy of Rob Andrews and John and Mona from The Scuba Place


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