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Grenada Day by Day : Lionfish, Turtles and Burgers oh my!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We’ve had great weather with great visibility this week. And when we’re not diving – we’re admiring the images the underwater photographers in our group have captured and some are continuing to work on their PADI certifications. A few got to watch an afternoon session in the pool with Mona working through Rescue Diver scenarios along with Dean and Matt practicing some of their required skills for their Dive Master. Ryby truly is an amazing instructor!

We’ve been fed really well here at True Blue Bay. They certainly cater to the Diver Motto of Dive – Eat – Sleep – Repeat. Fresh fruit and delicious baked goods every morning. The peanut butter granola bar was definitely a favourite! Lunch buffets always offered a choice, and the daily fish offering was always tasty. And we all highly recommend the Dodgy Dock burger from the menu if you need something to sink your teeth into. There were a few themed nights for dinner with the BBQ being a standout. Who wouldn’t go for a little surf and turf?!?! The staff took such good care of us! It’s going to be a shock when we’re back in England and having to cook for ourselves again!

Diving over the past few days has shown us what we think to be some of the very best Caribbean diving that there is. Healthy corals, abundant marine life both big and small, and so many wrecks to explore. Part of that abundant marine life is the growing population of lionfish. With no real predators and a voracious appetite, they are a beautiful but dangerous fish. Our dive guide Crispin was often in the water with his spear and DIY catch receptacle – a PVC pipe with a modified funnel inside. We all became lionfish spotters, and a few took a turn with the spear. Believe me – it’s harder than it looks! Those fish can move FAST! Once out of the water, Crispin would carefully filet the fish to take home to feed his family and friends. He even prepared a little surface interval snack of fried lionfish and garlic bread for us one day!

Our dive sites have been varied… Flamingo Bay, Shark Reef, Sherwood Forest, Lighthouse Reef, and Tyrell Bay, but I’m going to say my favourite over the past few days has been Purple Rain, named for the schools of creole wrasse that are everywhere!!! When they swim in formation it looks just like purple rain!! We’ve seen all shapes and sizes of jack-knife fish, spotted eels, arrowhead crabs, scrawled cowfish, orange spotted filefish, octopus, stingrays and on and on. We’ll just share a little gallery of images from our group. Enjoy!!

It’s getting closer to the end of the holiday for most of our group… but we’re not letting that get our spirits down. We’ve all bonded so well as a group and it really shows. We’ve all made friends for life on this trip and we couldn’t be happier about it! We’ve planned a big dinner tonight and we have invited the staff from the dive centre and their families to join us. It’s going to be a great night!

But before we go, The Scuba Place Sundowner Cocktail of the Day…the Pina Colada. This tropical classic is perfect when on a Caribbean holiday! We ordered them by the dozen some afternoons! Makes us want to grab our favourite bottle of rum and a blender and transport back to Grenada! An 8/10.

Blend together:

· White rum

· Coconut milk

· Pineapple juice

· Lime juice

· Ice

David’s favourite topper? A shot of dark rum on top and don’t even bother ordering one for Susie without whipped cream and a cherry!

Big kudos to Justin Ormand and Rob Andrews for their underwater images! You guys are amazing!!

Thanks for following along with our trip recap! We hope you see how fun our Scuba Place hosted trips can be! Be sure and keep an eye on our hosted trips page for your chance to Come Dive with Us!!


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