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Nautilus Under Sea

The Nautilus Under Sea is the former Undersea Hunter of Cocos Island fame. This brave small ship is one of the most loved dive boats in the world with a huge reputation and following. The Under Sea underwent renovations in 2016 and gained a full-width superstructure and premium suite on the upper deck.



8 Staterooms

18 Divers

Wine and beer not included

With a dedicated and enthusiastic crew of men and women from around the world the Nautilus Under Sea is a luxury liveaboard offering both Socorro and Guadalupe itineraries.  Guests enjoy the ultra quiet rooms, extreme spaciousness and comfortable, stabilised ride.  Accommodations on the Nautilus Under Sea include six comfortable state rooms on the lower deck for double occupancy only with bunk beds.  There is a premium suite on the upper deck that can be configured with two full or one large bed.  On the main deck there is an affordable quad stateroom with four beds.  Every stateroom and suite has a window or porthole and a private bathroom with shower.

A spacious dive deck with dive stations is situated on the main deck along with the dining room, lounge and charging stations.  The bar is stocked with a variety of wine, liquor, scotch and beer.  There is a hot tub and alfresco lounge on the upper deck of the Under Sea.  

The Explorer operates one high speed aluminum dive skiff and is equipped for full oxygen, nitrox and rebreathers.


Night time snorkelling off the back of a live-aboard doesn't seem that interesting, until you are surrounded by hunting silk sharks - and dolphins chasing the toothy predators away too!

- John

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