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"The most beautiful land I have ever seen", was how Christopher Columbus described Cuba as he landed near what is now Guardalavaca in 1492.  Today, visitors are still saying the same thing about this area, which is widely regarded as the prettiest part of Cuba.  


All of the diving is within 15 minutes from the beach

Gentle currents and beautiful coral gardens

Dive in the morning, explore in the afternoon!


Guardalavaca Cuba
Guardalavaca Cuba
Guardalavaca Cuba
Guardalavaca Cuba
Guardalavaca Cuba
Guardalavaca Cuba
Guardalavaca Cuba

Diving in Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca sits on the South East coast of Cuba, 45 minutes away from the local international airport, Holguin.  A small resort, with less than a dozen hotels, Guardalavaca offers exceptional beaches, a quiet pace of life, and quality resort diving.  Our recommended hotels here sit on the beach, just a short walk or speedboat ride away from the dive centre, Marlin Eagle Ray Dive Centre.  Our other luxury hotels are within 10 minutes of the dive centre. 


Whilst this is not a big resort by any stretch, there is plenty to do – our staff in Guardalavaca can arrange anything for you from bike hire to a day trip into the local countryside, seeing authentic cigar factories, working farms and ranches.  The ‘Heart of Cuba' tour is highly recommended – particularly if horse riding in the hills, a hog roast, salsa dancing with the locals or driving a small speedboat whet your appetite.


The pool and beach scene is what you want to make of it.  As active as you want with all the water sports, or as quiet as you like... huge stretches of powder soft sand provide a quiet space. The sea is calm, crystal clear and warm and perfect for snorkelling too.


The diving? Great resort diving. Nothing over-challenging, no ripping currents, but beautiful reefs and soft coral gardens full of macro life and schooling reef fish. Expect turtles, sting rays of considerable size, occasional nurse sharks and barracuda, with free swimming morays and friendly grouper that follow you for the duration of your dive! Its like taking the dogs for a walk!  For the more experienced and adventurous diver, there is an inland cave system nearby that is well worth visiting too.


Winter average of 27°C / 81°F 

Spring average of 28°C / 82°F

Summer average of 32° C / 90°F


Flights from LONDON

9 hours

Flight from HAVANA

2 hours along with

Transport from HOLGUIN

45 minutes


GMT - 5 hours

Deep Thought

Guardalavaca is a haven of peace and quiet, with beautiful scenery surrounding it. The diving is easy, as is the life!



Winter average of 25°C / 77°F 

Spring average of 25°C / 77°F

Summer average of 28° C / 82°F


20 to 40m / 65 to 130 ft average


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