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photo by Bonnie Pelnar

Under Watercolours 

Scuba Club Cozumel Dive Resort

Located on the waterfront one mile south of the downtown ferry dock, an attractive multi-level building of Spanish-Colonial architecture blends in with the waterfront. No hype. No pretensions. 



61 Rooms

2 Restaurants 

1 Bar


Scuba Cozumel

You probably wouldn't know about Scuba Club Cozumel unless someone told you. That's how many divers find their way here. Built in 1976 as Cozumel's first dedicated diver's resort, Scuba Club Cozumel is still a very intimate place where Cozumel regulars find convenience and good value. Designed and built by divers for divers, to provide all services in one convenient place.

Scuba-Cozumel is the in-house dive operation for Scuba Club Cozumel resort. This PADI 5-Star facility and full service dive centre is located inside the hotel premises. A fleet of seven customised diesel boats are available to safely transport divers to the dive sites. The boats are different sizes and can accommodate from 10 to 20 divers. Equipped with dive platforms and sturdy ladders, marine radios, oxygen and first aid trained crews, they will be ready for boarding every morning at the Club's comfortable pier, right after breakfast. Diving guests are normally assigned to the same boat, crew and dive guide for the length of their stay.

A perfect 'dive-retreat' if there ever was one! Great rooms, superb food, and unlimited diving too! We love it!

- John

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