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Magic Island Dive Resort

Magic Island Dive Resort is located in the quiet southern part of the Moalboal peninsula. From the resort we oversee the mountains of Cebu Island. Nestled in between tropical gardens there are 10 bungalows all with private balconies 



10 Rooms

1 Restaurant 

1 Bar


Magic Island Dive Centre

The diving!  It’s why we are here! If you haven’t noticed already Magic Island is primarily a scuba diving resort, of course all are welcome, but they mainly cater to divers or people who are interested in becoming divers.

The dive centre is located right on the sea front facing out towards the fantastic house reef, where you can dive any time, day or night. Inside the dive centre everyone is provided with their own individual post and crate, giving lots of space to hang or place all of your dive gear. Outside there is lots of room to prepare your equipment, plan your dives or just sit in the sun and soak up some rays. Most of the time the tide is high enough that the boats can pull all the way up to the dive centre, so it just one step and you’re aboard.

Magic Island Dive Center has 12ltr/80ft³ aluminium tanks with both DIN and international connection, suitable for both air and NITROX. 

Walk from the dive centre straight into the water day or night on the fabulous house reef and you might just see mandarin fish, nudibranchs and turtles. 

- John


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