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Truk Stop

Truk Stop Hotel is situated on the island of Weno, the capital island of Chuuk State, and the largest island in Truk Lagoon. It’s one mile south of Chuuk International airport, close to the main shopping area. Still a family run business, operating since 1993, the owners Bill and Kiki can still be seen here every day.



23 Rooms

1 Restaurant

2 Bars


Truk Stop Dive Center

The Truk Stop offers 23 spacious rooms, all ensuite with private balcony, air conditioning, ceiling fan, refrigerator, TV (free cable) and DVD player, telephone and fresh drinking water.  There is a restaurant, bakery, gift shop, and a small spa offering massage, manicures and pedicures.  Free wifi is available to all guests in the restaurant and on the adjoining patio. Within the hotel grounds, adjacent to the hotel is the Hard Wreck Cafe and Bar, ManGroove Bar and Truk Lagoon Dive Center.

The dive centre has three covered boats; two 30ft skiffs with twin Yamaha 90s, the third is 19ft with twin 60s. The boats are kept at the private dock adjacent to the dive centre and are equipped with fresh drinking water, GPS, emergency oxygen, first aid kits, hangbars and drop bottles. Boat rides average 25 minutes, with the furthest wreck no more than 35 minutes away.

With three boats the dive centre can accommodate a maximum of 16 technical or 20 recreational divers. They can easily cope with mixed ability groups as each boat works to a tailor made itinerary to give everyone the type of diving they wish. 

The waterside ManGroove Bar and terrace together with the Hard Wreck Cafe makes this the perfect place for dive groups.

- John


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