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Sali Bay Resort

South Halmahera is part of the Moluccas and is truly a diving paradise off the beaten track. Sali Bay Resort, was the first dive resort in the South Halmehera making them more knowledgeable of the area and allowed them to discover many of the nearby dive sites.



12 beachfront villas and longhouse with 4 rooms

1 Restaurant

1 Bar


Sali Bay Resort

Twelve beachfront villas with direct access to the sea are available at Sali Bay Resort. Each unit (66 sq.m) has a back door entrance with a first small room for a closet, minibar, and photo table. Access to the wide veranda is through the double glass-sliding door. The main room is fitted with air con, ceiling fan, dressing table and sofa corner and ensuite with shower. The Diver’s Lodge longhouse is located at the end of the bay. Four rooms with private bathroom with hot water, air con and a wide veranda sits directly on the beach

The Restaurant & Bar is located right n the middle of the resort with an experienced chef who will delight you with international and local gourmet cuisine. Not far from the restaurant is a freshwater pool with bar service. Located under the shade of the coconut palm trees and facing the bay, the pool is the perfect place to relax after your dives.  A spa offering massages is located next to the pool.


The resort has two speed boats and three larger dive boats and limits groups to a maximum of six divers. The comfortable dive boats offer ample space and are equipped with camera buckets. Staff sets up all the diving equipment for guests and you’ll only have to check it for completeness.

The House Reef at Sali Bay is no to be missed! And most dive sites are just a few minutes away by boat.

-- John


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