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Grenada Day by Day : The Best Holiday of 2020!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

We reached the final day of diving for most of our group and the weather decided not to bless us with gorgeous sunshine and calm waters, but that’s what makes it fun, right? It’s pouring, but we saw the sun trying to break through the beastly clouds. So, we headed to the boat.

We had an amazing dive back at Glovers Island. The area has historically been a spot for conch fisherman and empty shells cover the seabed creating hiding spaces for all sorts of marine life. The site is also known as a spot where all types of rays are seen and on this dive we were not disappointed! Captain Bruce spotted an eagle ray before we even jumped in! A nice shallow dive that gave us a pair of massive southern stingrays, eagle rays and a torpedo ray – also known as the Caribbean electric ray!

And at the end of the dive, at least three spotted eels weaving in and out of the conch shell pile. We also discovered what we can only call an urchin garden…. Hundreds of black spiky urchins all clustered together! It’s been a trip full of first sightings for so many of us! And we have to give the biggest thank you to Aquanauts Grenada who made the diving so great for us! Each and every one of you are now friends and we can’t wait to come and see again.

After sorting all of our kit out and waiting for another storm to pass, we all headed down to the infinity pool for a celebratory afternoon of socialising, swimming and cocktails. How else would you spend your time if you can’t dive anymore?? The weather cleared up for us to reveal the most beautiful sunset, it felt like a heart-warming goodbye from the ocean.

We headed out for an island tour on our down day to explore the wonders of Grenada. First stop, St. George’s Harbour. We learned a lot about the history of leadership and politics on this stop and the makings of who leads Grenada today. It was a picturesque harbour with quite a nostalgic feeling. This tour has started off so well already and it’s only 9:30!

We then started to make our way through a few of the provinces of Grenada and up the mountain through the rain forest. We asked the guides to make an unplanned stop by a waterfall we saw along the road,. After the heavy rains from the night before, we thought it was pretty impressive, but little did we know what we were in for!! We left the main road and caught glimpses of villages through the nutmeg and cocoa trees on our way up to Concord Falls. Down a flight of stairs and you’re at the base of the 10m waterfall, and the recent weather, it was roaring!! A few were brave enough to venture out onto the rocks but not without incident! At the top of the road, we shopped with some of the local vendors. One chocolate vendor cracked open a cocoa pod for us revealing the pulp covered seeds and offered up a taste. None of us expected the citrus flavour!!! And speaking of cocoa our next stop was the Diamond Chocolate Factory. The tour was super informative and at the end we every single one of us walked out with at least one bar of chocolate!

Next on the tour was Grand Etang Lake, a natural water filled crater in an extinct volcano. The lake covers 36 acres and is surrounding by the tree filled hills of the national park and it’s rumoured to be home to a mermaid! Unfortunately, no one spotted her! After the lake, we headed back down the mountain, soaking in the views. Our tour guides were full of great information and kept us entertained for the whole trip! Back at the resort we headed to the infinity pool to enjoy a few drinks while a few tested out the stand-up paddleboard and kayaks. The weather was perfect for our last Grenada sunset.

Sadly, the morning of departure has arrived. The resort has kindly prepared a takeaway bacon buttie and after that last cup of coffee is time to load up the bus. We have all had the most fantastic time and we are gutted to be leaving. We have had some amazing experiences; and feel so lucky to have been here. And we can’t thank everyone in the group enough for being so supportive through challenging times and for just being so awesome too. We don’t want to go, but we’ll be back soon. We hope you all will Come Dive With Us again.

But before you go... our final Scuba Place Sundowner Cocktail of the Day. The Mudslide!!! We tested every bartender at the resort with this one and ordered them by the dozen! We call it an Adult Chocolate Shake! Try one at home!

Blend together:

  • Vodka

  • Bailey's Irish Cream

  • Coffee Liqueur

  • Ice Cream

Drizzle chocolate syrup in the glass, add your boozy milkshake, top with whipped cream and a cherry for Susie! Enjoy!!!

Once again we must thank Rob Andrews and Justin Ormand for sharing their amazing underwater images with us! Here's a few more shots to enjoy!


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