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Avalon I

A member of the Avalon Fleet of Dive Liveaboards, the MV Avalon I is the Avalon Fleet’s top luxury boat.



8 Staterooms

18 Divers

Wine and beer served with meals


Designed with comfort in mind, the MV Avalon I has 8 air conditioned cabins on board. Each tastefully decorated cabin has a private bathroom, comfortable bed, television and can accommodate 2 to 4 divers in different cabin choices.


The MV Avalon I has a relaxing lounge area with comfortable sofas, desk and computer and also features a sun deck with jacuzzi, ensuring perfect relaxation throughout your stay. The large dining area is on the upper deck with a corner bar to sip on a cocktail as you wait for dinner. The table-served cuisine is a mix of the best Continental Italian fare and delicious seafood and traditional Cuban dishes, with lobster being a specialty aboard the MV Avalon I.

Departures are on Saturdays and trips last for 7 nights with 6 days diving, with 3 scheduled dives per day. Surface intervals are spent on uninhabited islands with iguanas, jutias and hundreds of hermit crabs!  Transfers to and from Havana are included and guests must arrive in Havana the night before departure.  In Jardines de la Reina, the season is year round.  A normal week includes 18 dives in six full days of diving. Some of our Clients even stay for 2 consecutive weeks!

Divers booked in Avalon I will board at the port of Júcaro. The trip out to the Jardines de la Reina is 5 hours. Lunch is served on board on the way out, and there is time to kick back and relax with a mojito cocktail, or even get a nap before arriving in the Gardens of the Queen. 

If  you don't get your fill of sharks in Jardines de la Reina, why not take in Santa Lucia and the famous Mortera wreck, inhabited by a large group of Bull Sharks. 


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