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El Colony

Serving as an ideal base for visiting the world famous diving sites in Punta Frances, El Colony Hotel is located in the bay of Siguanea.



77 Rooms and 24 Bunglaows

1 Restaurant

1 Bar


El Colony International Dive Centre

Cuba's very first International dive resort, still delivering the goods today! Surrounded by the Punta Francis Marine Reserve, this colourful hotel dates back to 1958, and is strategically positioned on a heavenly beach of fine white sands.


The 77 spacious rooms and 24 bungalows offer lovely views over the grounds and the beach and are well-equipped with modern amenities and facilities. If you're not out on a dive you can take a dip in the onsite swimming pool or choose from a variety of water sports.

The dive centre sits on its own Marina, and here you will find several large day boats that ferry you to and from the 60+ dive sites that the resort offers.  With this number of logged sites to choose from, it is obvious that the variety of diving is huge.  This no-fishing zone is full of life with shallow coral gardens, deep walls, caves, tunnels and canyons. 


Whatever you plan to do here just bear in mind El Colony is remote so there's little or no nightlife and very little other entertainment to speak of, but the secluded and spectacular natural surroundings more than make up for what the area lacks in action. 

This tiny piece of island paradise is in a remote location which truly makes it a Eat, Sleep, Dive Repeat kind of place!

- John   

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